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                                       When the mind suffers, the body cries out. It is our unresolved emotional issues, fears and difficulties of life which are the ones that lead eventually to the medical problems.

MyOxfordCounsellorVentsi Vasev has been a private practice counsellor for 12 years, operating through Trained in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Ventsi also incorporates a range of therapeutic techniques, including Solution-Focused and Gestalt methods, Person-centred therapy, and the Psychodynamic approach. His versatile skill set allows him to tailor treatment plans to each client's unique needs.
Ventsi Vasev holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he completed certified courses in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person-Centred Therapy, Gestalt therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy. In addition, Ventsi has undergone extensive practical training in various areas, including phobias, relationships, depression, anger management, and trauma.
More More recently, Ventsi undertook a two-year Diploma course in Counselling and Psychotherapy, leading to his accreditation as a counsellor by the National Counselling Society. He is an Accredited Member of The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS).

Ventsi specialises in treating Gambling Addiction, Video Game Addiction, and Internet Addiction. He has achieved significant success with clients struggling with gambling and video game obsessions, drawing on his practical experience to inform his therapeutic methods.
In addition, Ventsi sees clients with various presenting issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship challenges, bereavement and loss, phobias, anger management, and eating disorders.
As a therapist, Ventsi’s goal is to create a safe and non-judgemental environment where clients can express themselves, explore their concerns, and develop effective change strategies. Together with his clients, Ventsi works to identify obstacles and find solutions for overcoming them.


Finding the right therapist to support your healing and growth is crucial, as research shows that the client-counsellor relationship significantly impacts therapy success. I believe that  trust and comfort with your therapist are essential for openness and progress. This Initial Consultation Form, possibly accompanied by additional questionnaires, will help us clarify your therapeutic goals. Please be assured that all personal information discussed will remain confidential.

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Mr. Ventsi Vasev 
MNCPS Acc, BA (Hons)

Counsellor, Psychologist

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