The Psychotherapy I offer at my private practice is a long-term commitment based on an open-ended contract. The duration varies from months to years, depending on the individual's needs. In psychotherapy, issues are explored on a deeper level, addressing anything from self-exploration and personal growth to specific, persistent challenges such as mental health concerns, relationship difficulties, or abuse.
For clients struggling with addiction, we will examine the underlying causes and develop strategies and support systems to help overcome the addiction, with the requirement that the client must be committed to recovery.

The most recurring presenting issues that clients bring to my practice include:

Stress management
Trauma Stage of life issues
Eating disorders
Internet Addiction
Video Games Addiction
Gambling Addiction

Interpersonal difficulties
Poor peer relationships
Career and work difficulties
Low self-esteem
Conflicted relationships
Self-destructive behaviour
Mood disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Bereavement and Loss

I also work with individuals who face challenges in adjusting to various types of separation, such as from their families, parents, or due to divorce, which may result in attachment-related issues.


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