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Depression is ruining my life

What causes depression and how can we recognise it?


What are men's issues in therapy?
Why do they exist?
Are they different from women's issues in therapy?





Young People

I don't understand how I feel or why I feel like I do...

  • Book an Appointment Before starting counselling with me it is necessary to book an appointment. You cannot come to a therapy session without...

  • Counselling Strategies In my private counselling practice I use the core therapeutic ingredients that are shared by several different counselling approaches.

  • Confidentiality in Counselling Confidentiality means not sharing information about people without their knowledge and agreement, and ensuring that written...

  • Weekly Sessions Remember that the counselling session is Your session to discuss whatever you wish, so you can disclose as much or little as you please...


Are You Facing Difficulties

Most people, at one time or another need some help. For some, talking with a counsellor helps them understand ways to improve their life.

When life is difficult, it is very important to be able to cope without feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Another word for this is "resilience". In other words, resilience is the ability to cope with upsetting or difficult life events...

News & Events

Depression and self-harm soar among private school pupils

Survey of headteachers finds problems including eating disorders are now at unprecedented levels, with social media and exam stress blamed.

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Teens' night-time use of social media 'risks harming mental health'

Researcher says ‘digital sunset’ might improve sleep quality as separate study shows girls turn to social media when they’re anxious.

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Low levels of face-to-face social contact 'can double depression risk'

Researchers find people who meet friends and family at least three times a week far less like to have depression than those who have only "virtual contact". Those who met up with family and friends at least three times a week had the lowest level of depressive symptoms.

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Career counselling for aspiring social entrepreneurs

Tom Rippin, CEO of On Purpose - which helps professionals who are transitioning into socially impactful careers - speaks to the British Council about supporting budding social entrepreneurs

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Young twice as likely to face family breakdown as parents’ generation

Only half of those in their late teens and early 20s will get married but those who do have dramatically better odds of staying together, study predicts

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