Before beginning counselling with me
, it is essential to schedule an appointment. Please respect other clients' scheduled sessions by not arriving at the office without a prior appointment. Your allocated therapy time is exclusive to you, and it's crucial to value this designated time. an appointment.

What to expect when you call me to make an appointment with me
When calling to make an appointment, you may reach an answering machine or speak directly with me if I am not in a session. When leaving a message, provide the following information:
Your interest in setting up a counselling appointment.
Your name and telephone number.
Preferred time for a callback.

When I call you back, ideally, the following should happen

I will return your call within a few hours or the same day, unless you called in the evening, in which case I may call back the following morning.
During our phone conversation, I will introduce myself and ask about the purpose of your call. If you decide to book an appointment, we will discuss a mutually convenient day and time, typically no more than a week away. Be prepared to be flexible, as my schedule may be busy.
However, if you require an urgent appointment, please mention it.

I will provide directions to my office, confirm the appointment details, and inform you of the session cost. The initial phone contact is primarily for scheduling purposes, with any further discussion taking place during the first session. However, please mention any emergencies or acute personal crises at this time.
If I cannot offer an appointment within a reasonable timeframe, I will provide contact information for alternative counsellors.

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