Short and Long term Counselling

The counselling session length varies depending on your needs and the nature of your problem. You can choose between short-term or long-term of counselling. Usually people prefer short-term counselling who likes to decide on a set number of sessions for their counselling – 6 or 12 are common choices. Short-term counselling helps with emotional difficulties like occasional anxiety and depression, as it does when a primary relationship appears to have broken down. The client’s feelings and responses to this issue will be talked through and fresh perspectives, insight and understanding explored.

Long term counselling – which is closer to psychotherapy, is open ended. People choose this type of therapy who wants to explore the roots of their underlying feelings of anxiety or unhappiness. Long term counselling offers the opportunity to take these feelings seriously. It also suits people who wish to explore events from the past. Clients come to open ended counselling saying things like they feel that they are just surviving – and wish to be thriving and have a sense that "life can be better than this". The crucial matter here, I believe, is that, when we are struggling with our lives, in whatever way, we owe it to ourselves to seek support.

However, you can decide anytime when to end your counselling with me. Though premature endings of the therapy can happen at times, more typically you and I would prepare over the time when your counselling will be complete. It is common that the frequency of your sessions may be reduced as you are making progress and that eventually contact will end if on-going communication with me does not seem necessary. Usually you and I would be aware of the upcoming ending, would count down the number of sessions remaining, and would discuss feelings and issues related to ending the work together.

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